RSEA Hire Victoria Zoneguard Installation

RSEA Hire accross Australia is rolling out the road safety industries most innovative temporary road  barrier. Zoneguard is a TL4 tested temporary steel barrier, rated for installations up to 100 kmh. Jaimie Haitas, RSEA Hire Manager Victoria and Brandon Chizick, Managing Director of RSEA Safety are seen here at the site of the latest Zoneguard install in Victoria. The simple “speed Joint” connection method of the Zoneguard Barrier means that there is no need to deal with hidden fixings. The Zoneguard barrier is lifted from the truck to the road, and as one piece is placed over another, there is little else to do. Deployment speeds are high, installation is simple, and truck movements are reduced because of the quantity of barriers that can be carried in a single load compared to others. All of this adds up to low deployment costs, enhanced worker safety at installation and a reduction of vehicle movements on site.

RSEA Hire and Hill and Smith are committed to providing the best possible safety solution on your work site.

Contact RSEA Hire in your state for more information, or contact Hill and Smith on 1300 2 PROTECT to find out more