Tested Bridge Rail installed at Ballina

The installation has recently been completed of a VGAN 300 tested bridge rail system at Ballina Heights in Northern NSW.

The bridge was completed in early 2014, with Davbridge and Gary Deane Constructions. The VGAN was chosen because of its esthetic appeal and practicality.

VGAN is lighter than standard bespoke steel and imparts far less force into the bridge deck.

One of the gravest things about VGAN is that the rails are flexible, and in the case of Ballina this was of great assistance as the design of the bridge was different when constructed to the plans provided. This meant that there was an unexpected radius. The rail supplied was still able to be installed because the contractors where able to flex the rail in to place.

The result is an outstanding bridge barrier, with pedestrian rail behind, that looks good and is functional.

For more information on the tested bridge rail systems from Hill & Smith contact 1 300 2 PROTECT or visit our website www.hsroads.com.au