Universal TAU-M Crash Cushion

The Redirective, Non-Gating, Partially Reusable, Universal TAU-M Crash Cushion (TAU-M) is designed to meet MASH TL-3 and TL-2 testing requirements in a compact, partially reusable design.

This product is sourced from our supply partners and available for hire from HS Roads.
The Tau-M Crash Cushion can be hired as part of the Zoneguard Hire package or seperately.
Please specify in your request for quotation if you require the crash cushions only or packaged with other hire products.


Tau-m can be used as a shield concrete barrier in medians, side of road or gore areas in asphalt or on concrete roads. It can be installed as a permanent or temporary attenuator.


Ease of installation, fast on-sight repairs, and numerous transition options make the TAU-M system an ideal crash cushion to shield most roadside and median hazards.


The TAU-M system is also available as an
upgrade kit to retrofit existing NCHRP 350 TAU-II
systems into MASH TAU-M systems.

Our Crash Cushion System

The system is available for concrete and asphalt applications and can shield hazards with widths up to 30” (760 mm). The system is designed for damaged cartridges to be replaced. The nose and slider panels are designed to withstand multiple design impacts. The Universal TAU-M system can also be installed in as little as 4” (102 mm) of asphalt. Since TAU-M transitions are non-proprietary, all MASH approved thrie-beam barrier transitions will work with
the system.

Product Features

The TAU-M system is designed to accommodate a variety of safety shape and constant slope barriers


Rapid deployment and retrieval


Integrated Fork Lift Port


Universal transition


Narrow footprint


Can be deployed on almost any road surface


Shortest MASH TL-3 non-redirective, anchorless crash cushion


Approved for use in work zone locations


Restricted to use in speed zones up to and including 70 km/h

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