road safety solutions

Permanent and temporary safety solutions and intelligent transportation system for local Australian market

HS international roads department manufactures, installs and designs a variety of permanent and temporary safety solutions for the road market, as well as intelligent transportation systems which have been implemented in various scale across the nation. HS Australia mainly serve the local market, but the HS Roads group has international influence in various regions. Saving lives of road users is what Hill and Smith globally are all about, and what the team in Australia is here for.

Our Brifen Solutions

The Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence and the Brifen Terminal are a class leading solutions in road safety barriers.

Brifen WRSB

The Brifen wire rope safety system is easily identified by its unique weave pattern and is the industry leader in vehicle retention.


Brifen Terminals

The Brifen wire rope safety barrier is a first-class solution within the road safety barrier market.


About Us

How we got here…

Hill and Smith Pty Ltd is part of an international group with leading positions in the design, manufacture and supply of infrastructure products.

Brifen Road Safety Benefits

Industry leading crash test performance and money-saving benefits begin with Brifen WRSB and Brifen terminals unique design features.

WRSB fence

HS Roads manufactures, develops and installs the internationally recognised, patented WRSB fence, the class leading vehicle restraints system.

wire ropes

Brifen’s unique patented interweaving of the wire ropes are used to contain & redirect errant vehicles by preventing the vehicles from crossing the barrie

Standards Compliant

Our system has passed dynamic impact testing to AS/NZS3845:1999 / NCHRP 350 making it comprehensively compliant to Australian standards


HS Roads has made a meaningful impact in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our road safety solutions enjoy international acclaim.

absorb impact

Brifen WRSF is designed to absorb the energy of an impact, minimising injury to passengers and damage to vehicles.

Cost effective

Our solutions aim to be cost effective and compliant with all industry standards. We persevere to meet all safety expectations of even the most difficult projects.


Road Safety

We have implemented several road safety systems across Australia.


Temporary Barriers

Our temporary barriers are a class leading road safety product.


Crash Cushions

HS Roads has completed many successful crash cushion installations.



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