To our valued customers – Australia and New Zealand markets

Firstly, let us take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the Hill & Smith Brifen system over the years. We applaud your commitment to the quality and proven performance of the specified products which have had a positive impact on our industry and ultimately the safety of our families. As a company, we continue to work on partnering with our clients to develop better, more robust, and efficient vehicle restraint systems for the global market of which Brifen still remains the leader in wire rope VRS technology.

It is this sustained investment that sees Brifen now positioned in many countries either as part of an emerging strategy to implement better safety standards or to complement mature markets as a viable option to traditional systems. With this success comes the need for after-sales support and through our network of Hill & Smith subsidiaries and/or licensed distributors, access to our fully compliant list of Brifen maintenance spares has never been easier.

As the need for these spares increases, we are aware that there will be companies whose strategy will be to offer “NON” OEM parts and components at reduced or inflated prices, depending on demand. Hill & Smith would strongly advise against this model of delivering maintenance for legacy Brifen systems as the integrity of the spares or components will fall outside of our stringent design process and rigorous testing by industry-leading notified bodies, not to mention the quality-controlled manufacturing process to deliver “proven ” and “as tested” products which we guarantee. The wider impact of using non-Hill & Smith spares for any of our systems will be to avoid any performance characteristics that we have proved during testing and ultimately render your “aged asset” as not covered by the manufacturer’s performance warranty.

Hill & Smith’s first and foremost priority is the commitment to the general public that they can rest assured our systems are designed and manufactured in a manner that offers the best possible level of safety on your networks, as we would expect you all to agree with.

If we can be of any further help or you would like to discuss any of the above, please feel free to contact us anytime via email at: or We are also available on the phone during normal working hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST Monday to Friday on 07 3162 6078.