Brifen Wire Rope installation assisted with professional engineering support only available from hill and Smith

A1 Highways recently successfully contracted to supply and install Brifen wire Rope on the Robertson Army Barracks in Darwin.

Ian Ruddy, there northern representative was tasked with arranging the full supply. As is often the case with an installation, things are not always as they seem and work-rounds are required because subsurface conditions are not always as expected and no amount of preparation can prepare you for what will appear unexpectedly.

One of the great things about Brifen is that there is a fully qualified engineer providing support when needed.

At Robertson Barracks it became evident that the expected standard installation could not occur because of unforeseen subsurface conditions,

The engineer at Hill and Smith worked with A1 Highways to solve the installation issue and go back to the main contractor with cost effective and practical solutions to allow the project to continue without delay.

The result is another quality supply and install of Brifen Wire Rope by A1 Highways and a successful outcome for the contractor because of the qualified engineering support that is only available from Hill and Smith.

For more information you can contact A1 Highways on 07 38037279 or Hill and Smith on 1300 2 PROTECT.

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